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Welcome to the main page of the Komuves Consulting World Wide Web servers! Play Welcome We are home to a number of interesting sites, facilities and services. I've also kept around some old stuff that's not currently useful.
Web kom.com
poolsrv.com martineschocolates.com
Chris Komuves' Home Page Christopher Komuves' Personal Home Page.
Ernest E. Komuves Memorial Site Ernest E. Komuves Memorial Web Site. A web site dedicated to photos and remembrances of my dad.
No SpamKomuves Consulting
Anti-Spam Campaign
Information on Komuves Consulting's policies against unsolicited commercial email, including a list of domains and email addresses currently banned.
Table of HTML Codes
for Special Characters
Table of HTML entities which can be used in Web pages to display special characters. Based on the HTML 3.2 Reference Specification.
Microsoft Violates Standards Documentation on some ways that I have found that Microsoft violates standards. This page is not viewable using MSIE versions up to 5.5, due to a bug in MSIE!
Internet Whois Comprehensive Internet whois utility that will provide information for any hostname.
Apache SSL Tuning for Solaris Guide for getting the best performance out of Apache SSL running on Solaris 9.
Reviews of Products and Services Project and services reviews by Chris Komuves.
Apple Mac Power Consumption Comparison Comparison table with references of relative power consumption in watts of various models of Apple computers.
Other Hosted Sites
Toff's Pool Store
Toff's Swimming Pool Store
Swimming pool supplies, service and inspections in New Jersey area.
Martine's Chocolates Martine's Chocolates -- Delicious Gourment Chocolates from chocolate shops in Manhattan

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